Maker 150

150 Library Makers

Handcrafting Our Future...

Public libraries will host a series of free, hands-on workshops where Nova Scotians will learn about the cultural diversity and accomplishments of the artists, artisans, crafts people and makers in their communities. People of all ages will be inspired and supported in their own creative efforts using a wide range of techniques from the traditional to high tech.

Works generated by Nova Scotians of all ages will be curated into a collection of "150 Things Made @ The Library" and will be available for viewing in early fall of this year on this website: Our goal is to demonstrate, in a tangible way, the power of Nova Scotians to handcraft a better future for our province.

This is a province-wide public library initiative in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday and made possible by a grant from the Department of Communities Culture and Heritage (CCH)'s 150 Forward Fund.

Workshops & Events

Public libraries across the province will be hosting 150 Library Makers workshops all summer long. Check out upcoming events near you for the chance to make something great!









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